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Oh, how fast we are growing!

Macon County High School
Renovation Project

February 2017                May 2017

Groundbreaking 1Construction 1

  August 2017

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Aerial View 1Aerial View 2
HS Renovations Pic 1HS Renovations Pic 2

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Please read the proposed Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs for
Macon County School System. Let us know what you think.
You may write a comment below. 

Proposed Vision
Macon County School System will provide a quality learning environment that will inspire, empower, nurture, and support our students to become highly productive citizens in a global society.

Proposed Mission
To be a world class school system that offers a rigorous, thriving and inspiring, educational environment.

Proposed Values
-The ability to make a difference
-To motivate students
-Safe learning environment
-Quality instruction
-Self –reflecting, ever-evolving educators
-Treating others as yourself
-Artistic and academic uniqueness

Proposed Beliefs
-That every child is a genius.
-Data driven instruction improves student achievement
-All students can learn
-All students should understand their purpose
-Students can be successful
-Students want love
-Students value honesty
-The children are our future.
-Students can learn when given ample time and appropriate instructional practices
-In multiple learning environments
-In creative nurturing environments
-Technology to support the teaching and learning process

What do you think about the proposed Vision, Mission, Value, and Belief Statements

Security Measure

Bus Drivers Needed

There is no more important position in our school system than our school bus drivers. This job is much more than just getting the bus to school on time. Great school bus drivers also have a pocket full of tissues for runny noses, a bushel full of smiles for kids who are having bad days and hold an undying commitment to the safe and secure travel of the most precious cargo in the world. Our school bus drivers are responsible for picking up and delivering several hundred children during a normal shift — on time and safely. They are responsible for following all traffic and company regulations to the letter, and must remain cool, calm and collected in all situations. Our school bus drivers also complete daily pre- and post-shift vehicle inspection activities to ensure a safe journey for our riders.